Thursday, November 17, 2005

Someone gets it at the Chronicle 

Namely, Ryan Carstensen, with a student commentary in today's University Chronicle. He analyzes our buddy Professor Davis.
If the trouble is that SCSU doesn't have enough students of color, why try and discount and distance ourselves from international students? Do none of these students exhibit color? Is it only American students of color we should be concerned with? I'm not sure what the Davis agenda entails, but it smells a bit off. It certainly doesn't appear to be truly concerned with diversity, or he'd be shouting about international enrollment from the rooftops.

Whatever his agenda might be, you have to admire his recruitment game plan. "Be honest with the minority students you attempt to recruit, tell them they may be in for a rough time." I'm no marketing wizard, but perhaps scaring the prospective students is a bad plan. Can't imagine why Mr. Davis might be having difficulty getting people to listen to him.
Well done, sir. As a followup question, Mr. Carstensen, perhaps you could ask him why he keeps sending these letters to high school counselors?

Did somebody say "plantation"?