Friday, November 25, 2005

MOB northern outposts needed 

Andy points out a good blog in Duluth, and from that I find a second. We would love to have MOB members in the Duluth/Iron Range area. Last year we hosted a Central Minnesota road show for MOB bloggers to get fully credentialed as members of MOB. As a reminder, the rules for joining MOB are two, as explained by Saint Paul: You must write to him at the address on their blog to get provisional admission, and then confirm this by coming to a MOB event or a Keegan's Thursday trivia contest.

The goal of having outstate events is to spread MOB from the Cities to the rest of the state. Mankato is already on our radar. Could we have a contest for best blog posts inviting MOB to your city? And not just Mankato or Duluth! Where are you Alex? Moorhead? Or even you, Pelican Rapids!