Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Local campaigns 

I did not mention yesterday that I had published a letter in the local paper in support of Dave Kleis for mayor. It's not my intention to use this blog to campaign for specific individuals (more on this in a related post later today.) Undoubtedly I have not loved the mayor here on this blog or elsewhere; I wrote supporting Dave in part for that and in part because I know him from being one of my students and watching him grow as an adult here. That said, I will . If I write more about Ellenbecker in the next week, you know where I'm coming from.

But this morning's paper has news that the Kleis campaign has raised nearly $30,000 and has $15,000 in the bank. That's three times what Ellenbecker raised, and he's down to about $1000 in cash on hand.

Locally, there's a school board candidate who has yard signs with the slogan "How are the children?" That's weird -- it sounds like the start of a ransom call.