Tuesday, November 29, 2005

He throws like a girl 

A story from Critical Mass tells of Pomona College -- where yours truly taught his first principles of macroeconomics course -- tells of intramural inner-tube water polo.

("What? Intramural water polo???" Yes, they have that at Pomona. Is this a great country, or what!?!)

Apparently the games are co-ed, and goals scored by females are worth two points but those scored by males only one. Good thing they aren't up here in the upper Midwest, where six-foot Scandihoovian females dot the plains. Anyway, there is discussion about a possible problem with the scoring rules, according to the minutes of the student Senate reported by Erin O'Connor.
Sports Commissioner Alex Wakeman '06 asked the Senate for advice about an inner-tube water polo scoring system concern. ...One student was concerned about where transgendered students fit in this system. Wakeman understands the concern, but she is reluctant to change the scoring system because she feels it encourages more women to participate. DesRochers pointed out that the Senate needs to learn more about transgender issues because they do not have the vocabulary and background to provide the best solutions for these problems.

Yeah, I suppose "equipment check" is out.