Thursday, November 24, 2005

For what am I thankful today? 

While at church last night for a Thanksgiving Eve service -- and I think it's the first time I've gone to one, this being a busy season at the university -- I started to think of what I am thankful for. Undoubtedly my family came to mind, with Littlest sitting next to me (I usually lead the songs so it's a treat to get to sit with her) and Mrs. S at the piano, surrounded by a very small group of worshippers all of whom I knew by name. In some sense they are my family here now, with Mrs.' parents having left their mortal coils this past year and with my own family living 1400 miles away. So too is the school and its teachers who teach Littlest. I am thankful for #1 Son, who this year has learned to stand for himself and take responsibility for his life. While we live nearby we walk in separate circles, yet he is always a joy to talk to on the phone or see in person. (And he doesn't ask for money!)

I am of course as well thankful for a job that provides for me and my family, and for a group of colleagues that make being a department chair an honor and not a chore. I've had two deans in the last year as well that have taught me things and been good to work with (as in fact were the previous two -- drawing four good ones in a row is pretty remarkable.) That has allowed us to attract more and more majors to our classes, and I get to advise them. They're great kids and a privilege to teach.

I am also thankful to the readers of this blog and the many friends it has created. Thanks to the Northern Alliance brethren -- for the humor of watching Mitch lay an egg at the Fair or the Fraters House of Horrors and the pleasure of getting to talk to smart people each Saturday like them and Ed and John and our callers (including you, Phil of New Brighton), and for swapping cigars with Strommie and Andy the producer, and making new friends like AAA, Marty and Tony and the Race to the Right gang. For notes from others in and outside the MOB this week like Gary, Jeff, Leo and others I may forget. For commenters who make me work harder like Doug and Nathan and Michael and Eva. Yes, I disagree normally with the last two, but it's the ones who disagree with you that strengthen your arguments. I thank them for staying engaged.

As the song goes, praise God from whom all blessings flow. We neglect to thank Him for so many blessings in our lives. As we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner today, even if we are alone He is with us and has provided for us. Seek His forgiveness and ask Him to put thankfulness in our hearts. Enjoy your day, and we'll see you tomorrow.