Monday, November 21, 2005

"Anyone who ever said college is merely about getting an education lied" 

So we are told by a student in the morning campus paper who tells us to be realistic:
Students spend more time sleeping on the weekends than they do going to class every week. College is much more than studying and going to class. It encompasses all the other things, like going to parties, hanging with friends, getting into relationships and breaking up, tail gaiting, and going to sporting games. A major part of college is social.
A few points, dear student?
  1. I gave my last midterm last week -- your fellow students kvetched that it was wrong to give a test during deer season.
  2. I don't assign term papers in most classes, because you don't know enough to write one and I'm trying not to waste your and my time pretending you do.
  3. What is 'tail gaiting'? A social activity that men do?
  4. You later write "Many of those who teach at the college level should not be in a classroom." You know, of course, we say the same thing -- "many of those who attend college should not be in a classroom." And, mirabile dictu, most of you aren't ... until after Thanksgiving. Must be that balancing act again.