Thursday, October 13, 2005

We won't get fooled again 

It's Homecoming Week here at SCSU and after last year's festivities nobody is going to screw up Homecoming this year. New rules have been laid down: you don't vote for King or Queen anymore, you vote for Royalty. And they will crown the top four finishers. To further dilute the chances of odd voting, the University Programming Board has created an online voting system, so that 2600 votes are cast rather than the 750 last year. (We have about 16,000 students by headcount.)

So we're down to worrying only about the usual drinking and noise ordinance arrests on the South Side.
This weekend, campus officers will be coordinating their efforts with St. Cloud police officers.

St. Cloud State has a code of conduct that dictates university penalties for violations committed on campus.

Depending on the severity of the act, a student can be penalized for off-campus violations, as well.

Walking down the street with a beer won't put a student in front of the campus judicial affairs officer. Fighting with a police officer, selling or distributing alcohol to minors, burglary and offenses on that level will, said BernaDette Wilson, associate vice president of student life and development.

"We have to start prioritizing because we only have one person hearing cases," she said.
Which sounds to me like a license to walk down the street with a beer. The local forecast has little rain in it and highs Saturday in the 60s. Should be a hot time in the old town tomorrow night.