Monday, October 17, 2005

It could be worse 

We hear from the newspaper, but not from our union until later in the day, that our faculty union and the state have agreed to the contract. If we could just find out what the hell they agreed to. I saw a dean with a markup copy this afternoon before I went to the doctor, but I was in no mood or condition to ask for a peek.

It could be worse: You could be a mechanic for Northwest. The American Mechanics Fraternal Association may insist it's not a sellout, but as Monty's Bluff notes, they've gone from saving 2300 jobs and paying 32 weeks of severance to the ones who are let go, to saving 1200 jobs and 16 weeks severance to now 500 jobs and four weeks.

The AMFA: Dead, and too stupid to lie down.