Thursday, October 06, 2005

FootFlash Football Festival, Week 4 

I guess I better get this up; somebody's impatient to lose.

The boys both went 2-1 last week after picking the Pats, Colts and Packers. The Patriots gassed, the Colts romped. This puts Learned Foot at 7-2 through three weeks of picking -- a record good enough for a 1-900 phone number to sell advice for $25 a pick to obsessive losers (non-stalking division) -- while Flash is 3-6, a prognostication record as good as those Ivy League lawyers picking Supreme Court justices.

We'll lay off the huge number in the schedule this week (the Niners are a 15 point home dog) and try for intrigue. This week, no intriguing lines. This week, it's all about the defense.
  1. Chicago at Cleveland (-3) -- A week after proclaiming them the favorites in the NFC Worthless, the Bears are back to earth and getting a FG from the Browns. Browns have beaten the Packers in Green Bay, which no longer has any cachet, but they also have Trent Dilfer and the cast of unknowns. A game where the QBs are Dilfer and Kyle Orton. Somewhere Pete Rozelle is lighting up another heater.
  2. Baltimore at Detroit (-1) -- So Mooch gets Jeff Garcia, who has been as useful as Jerry with his injury, and so he's stuck with Joey Harrington. It could be worse: You could have Kyle Boller. The total on this game is 33; don't let your kids watch this one. But we'll make Foot and Flash deal with the carnage.
  3. New England at Atlanta (-3) -- Here's the game everyone will watch. Minnesotans watched Atlanta run all over the Vikings, but the Vikes played like a team that thought the bye had already started. (Thanks Vikes -- I made $40 off you Sunday.) Everyone is saying how banged up the defense was, how LaDainian Tomlinson ran roughshod through them. BTW, the next time someone calls him LT, I'm going Theisman on their legs. Is this the end of the Patriots' run, or is Atlanta about to be the other side of the trap game of the week?
Enjoy those, boys!