Thursday, October 27, 2005

Email from a White Sox fan 

A few years ago, as I was driving toward downtown Chicago from the SOUTHSIDE as I approach 35th Street I noticed a billboard advertisement for the Southtown Newspaper (formerly called the Southtown Economist Newspaper). The headline was:
Sox Win!
Cubs Lose!
Another Great Day in Chicago!
Enough said. I will enjoy the first (and privately gloat about the utter failure of the latter).

On behalf of the other Sox redeemed, congratulations to the White Sox.

UPDATE: Brother Palmer reminds me that during the World Series podcast last week he was the only one who picked the White Sox. Phil and I both said Astros in six.

UPDATE 2: Stephen's happy there's no Bartman in Houston. Let me just say that if Uribe had done this in Fenway, somebody'd've gone Gamboa on his ass.