Monday, October 03, 2005

Don't think you're all so such and much 

A colleague sends me a note: in my [name of upper-division undergraduate course omitted], I mentioned blogs. Not a single one of the 13 students had ever read a blog, and they didn�t really know what they were. A couple students did say they�d heard about blogs but still didn�t know what they were. This is a class where all 13 students own cell phones.

...I�m not surprised by the overall awareness rate of blogs by the general public, it�s always interesting to me when an old geezer like me knows something more cutting edge than my cable TV-internet-cell phone savvy students.

I'm not surprised; the national data confirm that a minority of Americans read blogs, and some may read them without being aware that the page they're reading is a blog. And yet a nice student in my class told me last week, while turning in her assignment, that her father reads this blog and listens to the show. At the margin, perhaps, I've attracted another student to economics? Now that would be swell.