Thursday, October 20, 2005

"An atmospheric condition" 

The campus newspaper was not put on the web lately, but last week it reappeared (with no explanation for its disappearance.) I had not seen the articles its reporter Tia VanVeldhuizen says caused her to receive requests from her editor to not write so much about God, but she says she is being told that it's too much. Apparently, the newspaper is continuing a pattern on campus of compensating for a Judeo-Christian society. She writes:
SCSU student Kathy Brickey said she heard in an ethnic studies class that since Judeo-Christian beliefs are commonly understood in St. Cloud, other beliefs should be emphasized.

Was this a university policy? To find out, I visited Les Green, director of the cultural diversity office in the education building. He disagreed with censoring my columns, and confirmed what I suspected of the university.

'It's not a policy, in my understanding. It's an atmospheric condition,' he said. 'Since everybody is aware of this (Judeo-Christian beliefs), why don't we talk about others?'
It's worth noting that Dr. Green is a candidate for the local school board. Again, respect the box.

How ironic is it that a campus newspaper that declaims censorship from student government puts its own reporters in this position!