Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ante up for Chelsea 

Captain Ed is advertising for a worthy cause.
One of my son's friends, Charles Decker, died recently in a traffic accident at the age of 23. Charles left behind a little girl, Chelsea, who will have to grow up without her dad. Charles' friends, including my son David, have arranged for a benefit Texas Hold 'Em tournament on October 8th at the Clarion Hotel in Bloomington. Clarion has donated the use of one of its ballrooms for the event and will have free beer and snacks for those who enter the tournament. The buy-in is only $20, and all proceeds will go into a trust fund for Chelsea.

RSVP at 651-293-1626. Regrettably I'm out of town this coming weekend; a chance to watch Ed and Mitch demonstrate a complete lack of poker skills shouldn't be missed.