Thursday, September 08, 2005

You know you're effective when your enemies lose their camoflage 

Almost three years ago, in the initial stages of this blog, a case of liberal bias and denial of academic freedom came about at Brooklyn College, where Robert KC Johnson was recommended to be denied tenure for being uncollegial. Publicity earned reconsideration and he remains on the faculty now. But those that oppose him remain; it was only a matter of time before they came around. As she did the first time, Erin O'Connor is covering this case too. seems that some people at Brooklyn have had just about enough of the whole free speech thing and are seeking to have Johnson punished--ironically for
threatening "academic freedom." The occasion? Johnson's criticisms of the BC School of Education, which has instituted a restrictive and intrusive "social justice" curriculum that evaluates students according to how well they conform to the school's highly politicized definition of what social justice is, and that punishes those who complain that this system of evaluation amounts to a political litmus test. The manner of attack? A threat: if Johnson fails to cease his "attacks," an "integrity committee" may subject him to an entirely unwarranted investigation. FIRE has the
Readers should follow the FIRE link for more details. Here is the article that apparently drew the College of Education's ire. If they're willing to make such a blatant attack on Johnson's academic freedom, it can only mean that he's effective.