Friday, September 23, 2005

What are the chances... 

...that Foot and Flash make opposite picks on six games in a row? But they have. Follow the colors:

New England at Pittsburgh (-3)
NY Giants at San Diego (-5.5) -- worth noting the line moved to six many places.
Cincinnati (-3) at Chicago -- both teams are 2-0 ATS

LF says if he was going to pick three games to steer clear of, these would be the three. I agree -- that's why I picked them! My preference this week is to a) take the under of Jets/Jags (33.5) and b) fear the trap game! Pats look like a trap to me; so too the Vikes this weekend. Teasing those two teams at seven points (so you get Pats +10 and Vikes +3.5) at four-to-get-three might be the best play this weekend.

UPDATE (9/26): Foot buries the Flash this week, 3-0. My teaser worked out very well; indeed, a parlay there would have cashed too. Just missed on Jets/Jags.