Monday, September 05, 2005

We'll take students too 

The campus just received this notice from Provost Michael Spitzer:
The concern many of you have expressed this week makes it clear that our entire campus community is eager to help any students whose own universities cannot accommodate them as a result of damage from Hurricane Katrina.

We are announcing today that we are opening our arms to as many as 150 students from those institutions that are now closed indefinitely. These students will be offered spaces in our residence halls and will receive in-state tuition. Our Financial Aid Office is making plans to work with each student on a case-by-case basis.
This is the result of many faculty and campus staff hearing about efforts of other schools to take students in. I heard this mentioned by Glenn Reynolds and NZ Bear on the Hugh Hewitt show last night. I'm delighted we're taking part, and proud to be part of the campus today.

Affected students should contact our financial aid office (320-308-2047) or the admissions office (320-308-2244 or 1-877-654-7278) FMI.

Alums of SCSU reading this: This will cost some money, and we could use your help. Provost Spitzer indicates in his letter that any excess money we receive that isn't needed for these students will be sent on to the relief efforts. Please give.

Names of other schools taking in students are being taken at this site.

UPDATE: The Chronicle of Higher Education has a blog regarding Katrina, and at the top presently (1945 CT) has an announcement from President Scott Cowen of Tulane indicating that the school will not operate this fall. All credits from regionally accredited universities will be accepted in transfer back to Tulane.