Friday, September 02, 2005

Weekend update 

NARN at the Fair again this weekend. We're on both Saturday and Sunday, 12-3, at the Patriot booth on Judson Ave, across from the Horticulture Building and nearby the International Food court. It's shady and usually quite pleasant there, unless you have to watch Chumley eat. There will be another eating contest tomorrow; I don't believe there's one on Sunday, but there's a music contest instead that should be a howler. (And Chad will be the one howling.)

I've been battling a muscle spasm in my neck and left shoulder for two days and I'm not inclined to get in the car to drive. $3.12 gas is a deterrent too. If it loosens up by Sunday I'll probably come to the Fair and then to the MOB gathering at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis at 5pm, but if it feels like it did this morning that just isn't in the cards. There will be blogging here tomorrow and Monday, so please stop back.