Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The value of newspapers, rolled up or open 

A rolled up newspaper across the snout of Brooklyn College's administration has led them to back down from their attempt to intimidate KC Johnson. FIRE has more.

My open local newspaper this morning leads to this letter in the opinion page. Writes Patricia Strang of Foley:

An idea popped into my head during the current gas crisis.

To get some type of handle on the situation, our nation's businesses should begin by returning to the policy of not working on Sundays.

Families would be able to reunite, churches would be full once again, money would be saved and some stress would be reduced.

"Aw jeez, WalMart's closed. Let's go to church, Martha. And while we're at it, fix me dinner since there I can't get into Burger King. Invite the kids to walk over. Don't want them using gas."

If there was no such place as Foley, Minnesota, we'd have to create it.

Imagine poor Kathleen here, who would have gotten more notice for this hilarity if only Patricia hadn't shown up.