Monday, September 26, 2005

Ubiquitous me 

So the weekend consisted of NARN, Race to the Right, Next Big Thing (hope Speed Gibson got to listen and rate) -- all of which were great fun, especially finding out it was just Mitch and me for week in review in a week where I had little to review -- and also the latest Quarterly Business Report, in which we gave a mostly thumbs-up on the local economy. The bigger radio station in St. Cloud called for an interview this morning.

I see how Howard Stern could like this king of all media thing.

And, btw, for being the only guy in the room without his own radio show, Andy held his own very well. He has the right combination of knowledge and edginess, as do Marty and Tony. But damn, Mitch is scary to work with when he isn't quarterbacking as he does with NARN. Note to self: offer to get Mitch out of the QB chair a little more often. He's even funnier when he's not worried about the breaks.

Oh, and to the Slavic-language trained tongue, ah-plik-OFF-ski isn't that hard. (He uses the Americanized OW as the third syllable.)