Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some fight over logos, others over interior designers 

This is hilarious!
The use of pink paint in Iowa's visiting locker room is causing a bit of a commotion around Iowa City.

Soft pink hues were added to the visiting locker room at Iowa's Kinnick Stadium by former football coach Hayden Fry in the late 1970s. Fry believed the color had a calming effect on people.

As part of an $88 million remodeling job at the stadium, designers retained that color motif, splashing pink across the walls, carpet, showers, sinks, metal lockers and even the urinals.
Last week, an Iowa law school professor received death threats after criticizing the university for using pink paint. The professor, now joined by others across campus, says using pink demeans women and perpetuates negative stereotypes of women and homosexuality.Want to bet it's drunk tank pink?