Friday, September 02, 2005

Listen to new music and give 

I buy lots of new music, and a service I use to find new music is CDBaby. CDBaby uses the web and its own distribution facility to allow thousands of independent bands, who have access to recording technology I could only dream of when I played in the 1970s, to direct market their music to listeners. I've found much good alt and chillout on their site, along with Gor Mkhtarian, a fabulous Armenian guitarist who used the site to help launch his own label. Their service is good; I'm sure I've bought a few hundred bucks of stuff.

Anyway, the service has arranged for many of the artists selling through this site to donate proceeds of their CDs to the Red Cross for hurricane relief. It's a great opportunity to listen to new artists -- they provide two minute clips, much better than an Amazon or Tower -- read about them, and pick up some new beats. All the music linked on this page is eligible. After one more post, I'm spending the rest of the night there.