Thursday, September 29, 2005

Intellectual Takeout 

I think Intellectual Takeout has improved the site now that it can be visited repeatedly. It provides a balanced resource for students doing research, as well as covering the same ground we do here at Scholars, looking for bias on campuses. See for example their coverage of an appearance by Chris Mooney at the U of M. Some on my campus have circulated praising reviews of Mooney's book, and IT led me to a review in the WaPo that was less so. (Guess what went out on our campus discussion list this afternoon?)

Welcome to the blogroll, Intellectual Takeout!

In the process of talking about this today I found in my mailbox a copy of Jeffrey Hart's pamphlet What is a College Education? Here's a shorter version from several years ago, and a like article in National Review. Reminds me I need to put this book on my wish list.