Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FootFlash Football Festival, Week 1 

I am serving this year as arbiter for a contest between Learned Foot of The Kool Aid Report and Flash of Centrisity for a football picking contest. My instructions are three games with lines. My line source this year will be Jim Feist, one of those gambling gurus you see on some three-digit cable channels on Saturday mornings on the TV the kids don't watch. (How do you know this? -- ed.)

I am looking for fairly nteresting games, but because we're in Minnesota we'll steer off Packer and Viking games for the most part. I will pick the games and try to give a context for why it's interesting. Here are this week's three games. The them this week: Former Vikings.

  1. Kansas City (-1) @ Oakland. The Chiefs come off a blowout win against the Jets, while Oakland has had ten days to get ready for a divisional rival. I wanted to put this game up for Moss-talk from the contestants, but the added spice of Larry Johnson should make for great witticisms.
  2. Miami @ NYJets (-6). Miami got a victory against the Broncos in Nick Saban's pro coaching debut. Gus Frerotte in charge of the offense, looked better than Daunte Culpepper. Foot will have fun with the news this "Matt Turk, I-R, pulled groin." Humor people, humor!
  3. Buffalo @ Tampa Bay (-2.5). Just because it's a hard game. Tampa Bay comes off the win at Minnesota with apparently a newfound running back in Cadillac Williams (on my fantasy team, thank you!) The Bucs didn't score much against the Vikes and now play a much harder defense in Bills, who meanwhile are breaking in J.P. Losman at QB. I figure that this is the game Chris Hovan gets his start on another injury-filled season.
Good luck with those, gentlemen!