Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Christmas in September comes with an arrest record 

When we said there was a hot time in the old town Monday night, we weren't kidding.

Almost 125 people were booked into Stearns County Jail for offenses related to move-in day at St. Cloud State University, likely the most booked into the jail from any one event.

Most of the 235 offenses cited by police were related to the use of alcohol during the weekend, Capt. Dave Johnson said.

It's believed that the 90 arrests made two years ago during move-in day was the most people booked into the jail before this year's enforcement.

Wow, 125! Think we can make the list again? Most got busted for underage drinking or open containers, but twelve for public urination. Remember, there were over a hundred cops in the neighborhood. You can't find a john?