Monday, September 05, 2005

Blogging for Katrina: We be Lutherans edition 

(UPDATED AND PLACED AT TOP: We're continuing this appeal through Labor Day. Posting will occur through the weekend to drive traffic, and appears two posts down. Thankee.)

I have much to write on the economic effects of Katrina -- I'll have some forecasts on a model I've built over the last five years that has an oil price effect -- and if I finish it before the weekend you'll see it below. But before you go there, Hugh Hewitt has been calling for blogging for Katrina, and there's a real need for relief supplies there and people to participate in rescue efforts. We need the same outpouring of people who went to New York to help after 9/11 to go to the Gulf Coast now.

I've chosen to send my visitors who wish to contribute to the ELCA Domestic and International Disaster Response. They are organizing teams of "retired military officials, firefighters and others with search and rescue skills" to go to affected areas and provide the help needed. You can give by check, phone or online -- be sure to designate "Hurricane Katrina" on your check or on the webpage for donations. If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, go here and get a form to get your money matched. (h/t: Ah, Shoot!)

If you prefer to give through a non-religious organization, you can send money as well through the Red Cross. Or look at lists put together by Instapundit or NZBear. If you are a blogger finding this and haven't done so yet, send links to those two and to Hugh.

Please give generously, or, as Hugh says, keep your checkbook near your computer.

UPDATE: Moved to the top, through Sept. 5, as asked by Hugh and Bear.

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