Monday, August 29, 2005

Your complaints are my fuel 

KC Johnson has at this Pittsburgh refutation of the notion of political bias in academia with more detail than I gave it. He documents the many scandalous refutations by the left (while in fact offering a couple that would not be scandalous but would warrant some research, such as conservative parents not pushing their children to pursue academia as a career choice.) By fanning the flames with their comments that "we're just f-ing smarter" or "we can never have too many" leftists, radicals and Marxists or whinging that they've had no effect on the three branches of government ergo the claim is false, they are allowing the issue to stay on the front burner.

To all of them, thank you. You help keep this blog in business.

UPDATE: Todd Zywicki has a comment on the Pittsburgh paper that works through the evidence. They should have asked him (or KC) on as a co-author.