Monday, August 29, 2005

You had to be there 

On Sunday I took three short videos at the NARN booth. One was practice of Mitch with the Wacky Chicken people (quick aside: why did they wear leather footwear? Inquiring minds want to know.) , the second was Mitch coached by the Chicken couple to lay an egg (like he needs help with this?), and the third was the three-course eating contest. The last file is a 76 megabyte mpeg, so don't expect to see it around these parts. I need to learn streaming video. The eating contest video is also very Blair Witch-y because I'm laughing too hard to hold the camera still.

A few pictures will have to suffice:

Liz of A Blonde Moment and Josh stopped by Sunday. I want Josh or Liz to send me the link to Josh's brand new blog. (Here it is.) Josh is off to training as a forward observation specialist for the Minnesota National Guard, and then to Iraq in March. (We've mentioned this story before.) Prayers for them, please. It didn't dawn on me until later that this may be the last time I see them as a couple before he goes to training and perhaps to deployment in theater. Great of them to share some time with us, including a little air time. (Liz, I'll grab the recording and send it to you sometime soon, promise.)

Chad interviews "Ingy", whom I am told is a Soucheray regular. He basically performed a good caller. Maybe he can join Phil from New Brighton and Zimbabwe Quentin as regulars to NARN. Chad is usually a dry wit, so that kind of expression indicates how funny Ingy was.

There were many motley bloggers in attendance, including Doug from Bogus Gold and some KvM irregulars. (Andy's not in this picture, he's out psyching up for his cri de coeur against fiscal conservatives. Or maybe just checking out the action. But he was there, friends, believe me.) The lady on the bench is contemplating blogging as Lady versus Aging, or Bogus Social Security.

Seriously, there were many fine fun bloggers around, including Around the World in 80 Days and Blogizdat (love this Andrew W.K. kitty animation, Muzzy!) and (I think I met him) Solablogola (and sorry if I got that wrong.)

And of course, the irrepressible NARN gang. This was a great weekend, and today's blogging brought to you by the birthday boy, who missed (and messed up) some of the Yecke blogging because he was having dinner and a movie with Littlest in celebration while Missus starts rehearsal for her next play. To bed with me, and Convocation in the morning. Be nice, and maybe I'll live-blog that clusterfarg.

Meanwhile, if someone wants to teach me how to post and create streaming video, I've got some damning evidence against Mitch...