Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Troubles, sacrifice and faith 

My former student Liz is talking about sacrifice.
Josh has been called to go to Iraq fairly soon. He has not received the official orders, but they are expected any day. So, for all practical purposes, he�s going. And here is what is called our crisis of faith. Am I willing to give up my husband at the command of the state or country? Am I willing to trust that God is in control? Are my faith in God and my love for my husband enough to carry me through these next months? I only hope and pray so.

As a society, we have lost the value of sacrifice. We value our right to say whatever we want where ever we want to say it. We demand more and more money and more and more material goods. We want service now. We want the right of way. We don�t want to work for something. We want everything for nothing.
I've been honored to exchange email with Liz while she and Josh were thinking about this, and they've been in our family prayers for a couple of weeks now, and where they'll remain until Josh comes home or he's placed on a different path of service. When Josh rejoined the Guard, they made a family decision to fully accept the commitment they made. Their behavior should be an example, and I'm pleased to at least be able to link to their story.