Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Steven Vincent 

Unless you don't read any other blogs, you probably know that Steven Vincent, author of In the Red Zone and twice a guest on NARN, has been killed by kidnappers in Basra while researching a new book on the city in post-Saddam Iraq. Saint Paul and Captain Ed have the details. I am working on digging out the recording from his second appearance, because I believe we asked him specifically about the dangers of working outside the security apparatus in Iraq. I'll append that to the post when I get it later today from a backup. Belmont Club notes that it would be ironic if the reason for his death wasn't because he was an American, but because he was too close to a story on the internecine battles between Shi'a and Sunni Arab factions. Saint Paul too says it may be an example of murdering journalists who expose corruption, something Ukraine and Russia will be familiar with.