Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some stories get a happy ending 

The story of Yektan Turkyilmaz, the Turkish doctoral student from Duke who was arrested for trying to take old books out of the country, has a happy ending. He has a suspended sentence and will be allowed to leave the country. Unfortunately he won't get the books back, but the CDs with his research were ordered to be returned to him. The verdict won't be official for two weeks, during which time he intends to keep working on the dissertation. Good for him, he seems not in the least embittered by his experience.

As Katy at Blogrel notes, the pulling together of folks all over the world -- Armenians and Turks, Americans and Kurds -- is probably the best thing that could happen. Alas, she also notes that the Turkish press is playing this up as evidence the Armenians have something to hide, with sinister implications, regarding the Genocide. I suspect that will blow over soon.

cf. Inside Higher Ed.