Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oh, never mind the name, it's still quality 

Alice Seagren gets served by Craig Westover.
A pool of money has been designated to provide additional compensation for teachers, but only in a collaborative environment and in a manner agreed to by the union -- not all that different than collective bargaining. Is that the reform?

The criteria for additional compensation is so vague, it can hardly be called reform.

And finally, the real question -- is this plan going to attract the best and the brightest into the teaching profession? Is it going to retain the best and the brightest?

The price tag on this program is $78 million; could anyone in the business world submit this bill to their company management and ask for $78 million to implement it and not get laughed out of the office, if not justly removed from any budgetary activity. Even �Dilbert management� would balk at this vague a plan with a $78 million price tag.

Seagren is right in one sense -- this is a plan that Minnesotans should get excited about. Excited and damned upset. To pass it off as reform taxes credibility more than a �health impact fee.�