Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Nick's Greatest Hits 

Upon hearing that Mr. Coleman has exited the radio stage, at least for awhile, we Scholars feel a little retrospective is necessary. Frankly, if you could get past the grating sarcastic disdain with which he held everyone to the right of Al Franken, he had a certain style that needs to be preserved for all time.

We're not list types. I had a hard time deciding how to do this, for written words cannot quite express the genius that is Nick Coleman. What we needed was a medium that could capture his essence. And so I thought, what would be better than a mix of Nick?

Voila! Taking advantage of my amazing collection of Euro-dance going back to Gary Numan, I present Nick's Love Triangle. (1.7 mB mp3, download s.v.p.) Special guest appearance by Cartman.

Enjoy it, and be glad for the times we shared.