Monday, August 08, 2005

"Moron mail" 

This gig seems to work so well for KAR that I think I'll try it.

The third letter to The Toledo Blade last Friday:
Dennis is standing on a lower wall of the ruins while lassoing a higher portion. His mother states, 'We should be thankful they were in ruins before he got here.' Despite clearly being aware of their child's destructive intent, Dennis' parents totally disregard his outrageous (and illegal) behavior and the serious physical damage he can cause to ancient and irreplaceable Native American sites - a legacy to be enjoyed by future generations.

This cartoon, so disrespectful of Native Americans and their rich heritage, has no rightful place in our multicultural society.
The author is an associate professor of geography at Bowling Green State. So what got him upset? And who is this menace who is lassoing Native American ruins?

Here he is.

Looks like someone's trying out for a job as an NCAA compliance officer. Or a university president.

(H/T: Tongue Tied.)