Friday, August 19, 2005

It's cool to get into paperback 

And Cheri Yecke has done so, with her book The War Against Excellence. If you've got kids the age of our Littlest Scholar, heading soon to middle school or junior high, you will want to read this book to understand what she will face there. We are electing to keep LS in a K-8 Lutheran school, and middle school is one major reason why. Yecke, watching what was happening with her own children, investigated and uncovered the movement away from ability grouping for academic excellence and towards using junior high as a means of enacting social reforms. Her book getting into paperback is going to make her message much more accessible to parents who need this information. (Her site indicates that if you buy online from the publisher, you'll get this at a 15% discount, too.)

UPDATE: Mark Steckbeck notes: Maybe it's because schools spend so much time doing this that we end with with this.