Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Indictment is victory! 

Ward Churchill's lawyere is a moron.
A faculty group has sent the investigation of University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill to the next level.

Seven complaints of alleged plagiarism, historical fabrication and other research misconduct by Churchill have been recommended for a deeper investigation, while two other complaints that were part of the original inquiry were dropped, his lawyer said. The report from the faculty subcommittee that had spent about four months looking into the allegations was delivered Monday, said David Lane, who represents Churchill.

The subcommittee made its recommendation to the faculty's Standing Committee on Research Misconduct. The next step is for that committee to decide whether to conduct a full investigation. CU rules call for the faculty group to study the recommendations and receive more input from Churchill before deciding.


"This is really a victory for professor Churchill," Lane said.

He pointed out that two complaints were dropped. And he claimed that the subcommittee members felt unqualified to pass judgment on the others.

The subcommittee, however, wasn't meant to make a final ruling on the merits of the allegations, according to the university's rules. Its job was to pass along its recommendation.

Still, Lane said, they felt out of their element.
Jim Paine politely calls this spin. I don't have to be that nice, and I won't. You went before a grand jury, who has kicked the case forward for trial. I'm not a lawyer, but that sounds to me like YOU LOST. And you're being tried on the things for which faculty are supposed to get fired, like plagiarism and research misconduct, rather than whether or not he "qualifies" as an Indian. And ignore the shabby little man from AAUP; he's paid to say those things.

The next step will take a few more months, but the case all in all is progressing nicely.