Monday, August 22, 2005

How universities handle public relations nightmares 

If you've read around the blogosphere last week you might have hear the story of Carl Basham. He was a Texas native and resident until he went to serve two tours of duty in Iraq with the Marines. He came home to Texas and wanted to enroll at Austin Community College. Alas, the school told him, he no longer qualified as a resident of Texas because he hadn't maintained a domicile in the state. World Net Daily ran a story, Drudge picked it up, and bloggers were off to the races.

Undoubtedly, a public relations nightmare for the school, which found its way out by "getting new information".
We think this will resolve this situation,' said ACC President Steve Kinslow. 'We think this brings a nice resolution in that Carl is being treated well and ACC is also, of course, in compliance with state law. That's what everybody has been working for all along.'

Kinslow also announced plans for an ACC scholarship aimed at helping returning soldiers attend the college.
My NY Giants' secondary could use a few guys that backpedal that well.