Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dahl out at SCSU hockey coach 

Just in from the St. Cloud Times, SCSU hockey coach Craig Dahl has resigned.
�It�s been with a great deal of disappointment and anticipation that I�ve reached this decision,� Dahl said Wednesday afternoon. �I�ve decided to resign to go into private business. I feel recruiting is the lifeline of the program and, with all the rumors that have been going around for awhile now. It was time for a change.�
The rumor mill has certainly run around on this campus, led in my view by the reporter of this very article. The relationship between the newspaper and the coach deteriorated with the team's play, and there has been little in the way of support from the AD's office or the president in support.

I will add that he has always recruited good students to campus. Some of his players have been economics majors, including a few that have gone on the professional careers in hockey. I hope his successor can continue the tradition of student-athletes.