Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Challenge me before I play more GameBoy 

Reader jw refers me to an article saying high school students want to be challenged more. The report, written for the Horatio Alger Foundation by Peter Hart, polls a wide number of students and finds they would do more challenging work in school if only it were provided. This concurs with another Hart poll of American generally who think schoolwork needs to be toughened, and more access to high-expectation programs like AP or IB should be provided.

I always have a problem with these polls, because they never ask the key question: Would you be willing to pay for it? At least for the students, the question is moot, so that what they are reflecting is that either they or their friends feel they would benefit from the experience. The poll also doesn't ask the student "Would you take such coursework?"

Another finding I found interesting was that 42% of high school students said at least half the students they know have cheated on academic work in high school.