Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Caption me! 

Everyone else does this, so why not? This was posted on a bulletin board outside a classroom in my building, along a main hallway. It first appeared in my memory around the start of second summer session. The classroom it is by has been used for only two courses this summer, both in the Women's Studies department, and it would appear to be from there, given the last sentence.

What is Activism?
  • being active in producing change
  • forming coalitions
  • globalizing(?) people
  • changing systems of oppression

What are some activist practices?
  • meetings
  • rallies
  • sit-ins
  • strikes
  • peaceful demonstrations
  • marches
  • lobbying
  • community education

Any more Q's?
  • What other classes does the university? (seems to miss a verb)
  • What can one do with a degree in women's studies?

I'd've liked to have heard the answer to that last Q.