Saturday, August 20, 2005

Can't you people read? 

Bless me if the Deborah Rybak Caufield column we talked about on air didn't get picked up by Memeorandum. (It appears AP carried it on the wire. Why?) But they didn't seem to read the article; it focuses mostly on one station's listeners tuning out and one other station -- the sports talk station -- gaining. (Reminder: post hoc ergo propter hoc is a modus operandi at the STrib.) So forget waiting for PowerLine to answer this, Jesse. The two partisan stations in town are maintaining market share just fine, as you quoted but didn't recognize for what it was.

It isn't just a matter of politics, said Carol Grothem, broadcast manager for the Campbell Mithun ad agency. She suggested listeners may be turning more toward local talent and issues, and away from syndicated shows.

... The ratings shift hasn't affected partisan radio stations such as WWTC (1280 AM), known as the Patriot, or KTNF (950 AM), home to Air America programming, ...
Howdy! And note, the amateur station is minus one local non-monkey. Which reminds me...