Friday, August 05, 2005

Any chance we could get Nick to teach a course? 

There are sportswriters who are quite smart, but many of them don't come off to well, like Dayn Perry on Hugh's show a few weeks back. Here's another story of an incredibly dumb thing a sportswriter did. Michael Gee, a pretty well-known writer for the Boston Herald, Village Voice, etc., starts reading and writing on a bulletin board called He also teaches a summer course on sports journalism at Boston University. He posts a note about his first day of class in which he exudes about "an incredibly hot" female student in the class.

The student finds out, is righteously indignant, and Gee gets canned from the teaching gig. (UPDATE: Chris notes that the student quit the class. Can't say as I blame her, once the post becomes known.)

The story's detailed coverage is here at Scott's Shots (if you're into Boston sports journalism, this is a wonderful site.) Hat tip: Eclectic Econoclast.

Attention, Twin Cities schools. There's a non-monkey that needs additional scratch for his new mouth to feed. He's known for his acts of prestidigitation. Writes at a newspaper. Got some journo students who want to know how he does it? Hire him. And get a camera.