Sunday, July 31, 2005

Who stole the show? 

Was it...
... Mark Kennedy?
... John "I'm not Karl Marx" Hinderaker?
... Strommie's cigar?
... the guy with the tricornered cap?
... or was it...
This is Buttercup, who according to some was the reason nobody seemed to want to come down into the ampitheater. (Heat, schmeat.) If you saw her, that nice kid on the other end of this dog was Littlest Scholar, with Mrs. S no doubt nearby (hers is the loudest voice.)

Thanks to all who attended -- except for eating all the food, since I got none -- and for the hilarity of the third hour. Thanks to the Patriot and our sponsors for giving us a great venue, good advertising, and a huge crowd. We had a blast. See you at the Fair.

Can someone get the dog away from my computer, please? First she steals my fans...