Friday, July 08, 2005

Where the rest of that week went 

The best part of my job is seeing a student get that "got it!" moment in class or in office hours (or sometimes a nice email.) The second best is the conference session that goes so damn right. Yesterday I had one of those -- a session on measuring for political economy that had four papers that fit better than I could have hoped. Absolutely wonderful time, and we ended up in a Starbucks in excited discussion for two hours after it was done. Eight of us talking about the same thing, surprised and delighted to find others doing the same thing I'm doing.

It's much like finding good blogs and linking and crossposting, but it's also quite different. A long unplanned private chat with seven really smart people (and me). Just awfully cool.

Later in the day went to dinner and to see Beach Blanket Babylon. Two friends have insisted I go for years. They were right. If you're in SF and like musical comedy, particularly topical humor, you have to see this show. The send-up of Barbra Streisand was worth the show all by itself.

Today was wine country for the day. I thought about wineblogging, but it would have slowed me down. A few thoughts:

I am flying back late tonight on a red-eye, which is how I'll show up on NARN tomorrow. Hope you'll listen in!