Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A school's military service 

Peter Swanson writes about the opting-out of high school students from military recruitment. I have a suggestion. Let's have the Minneapolis School District create a phone line like the one we call for opting out of commercial phone solicitations, and any high-schooler who wants not to get called simply calls that line, leaves a name, Social Security number and phone number, and the school district can pass that on to the recruiter.

Of course, this would probably lead to a levy vote to pay for the phone line. So your school district property tax could rise to make it easier for students not to be recruited to the military. But that's a good thing, right?


Can someone also please explain the connection of the following quote of a school board member?
"Everyone knows military recruiters are going after students that are poor and students of color. That's many of our students," Board Member Peggy Flanagan said. "When I talk to students, it's what they're passionate about."
What are the students passionate about? That only poor students are being called? Could it possibly be because that's the group with a lower reservation wage?