Thursday, July 21, 2005

Parents, what your Macalester tuition buys 

Their children are getting quite a bargain. I was at a meeting in its campus center and as I came down a staircase I look up and see this hanging on the wall. (I've shrunk the image to keep any possible offensiveness to a minimum. You should open it to believe what you're seeing.)I actually got to the bottom of the stairs before I thought, "what the hell was that?", turned, and went back to take another look. It is part of a large quilt of the usual liberal totems: "love your mother earth", "stop hate" (to which I say, as soon as the Yankees slide into the ocean), "no war with" (insert name of your favorite dictatorship), etc.

To be perfectly honest, I was dismayed that this wasn't at SCSU. It should be; we're suppose to be the epicenter of this kind of nonsense.

I went outside and a friend who'd also seen it suggested I go back and take a picture. He reads here, and I'm sure he wanted to see this, so you have him to thank for this lovely image.