Saturday, July 30, 2005

Our family outing 

...will be at The Patriot Appreciation picnic at Staring Lake Park in Eden Prairie. Yes, my two reluctant travelers, Mrs. and Littlest, will be in tow, along with Buttercup the Micturating Menace. The NARNies will be on live at our usual time, noon to 3pm. We're making a day of it; why don't you come join us? Bring a blanket or chair, spread out on a nice warm summer day, and enjoy the festivities. They start at 11 (you can enjoy Strommie for the first hour).

As everyone else is warning you, if you are comingr from the northwest, 494 is closed today for repairs. 169 to 212S is your best bet (and, given the work on the bridge out by Corcoran on the Crow Wing River bridge, you might want to slide down from St. Cloud on Highway 10. Allow yourself an extra 20 minutes if you're meeting up with friends.)