Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Never enough 

That's my reaction to Steve Kelley's whine about the new funding for education in the budget agreement.
"Based on what we were hearing from school districts, the 4 percent and 4 percent [raises] might have a number of districts still cutting teachers and programs because of their efforts to catch up on the last three years of flat funding," said Sen. Steve Kelley, DFL-Hopkins, and a member of the House-Senate working group.
Let's understand what's in this bill besides the 4/4 raise in base funding (details provided by email from Eliizabeth Mische of Parents for Choice in Education.)
So what the hell is Kelley yapping about? But it appears he's getting his way on the expansion of education vouchers, which I don't see in any bill at present. Mische says it has some chance still.