Friday, July 01, 2005

Diversity piatiletka 

I mean really, a "Five Year Diversity Plan"??? How absolutely ironic. The irony was not lost on one faculty.
The controversy surrounding the University's Five Year Diversity Plan shows no signs of dissipating, as professors threaten to leave the University if the current draft is approved, while the American Association of University Professors wrote a letter criticizing the administration for allegedly bypassing the standard set of faculty committees while drafting the plan.

...Mathmatics Associate Professor Alexander Kleshchev said he has heard of other professors who might leave but says it is too early to tell.

�I did consider leaving, and if anything like this plan will be implemented I will continue to think very hard about this,� Kleshchev said.

Kleshchev, a Russian immigrant, says the plan conjures up memories of his former homeland.

�Look, I am personally not going to be interrogated about my thoughts, and I am not going to go to reeducation camps either,� said Kleshchev, alluding to the Five Year Diversity Plan's requirement that faculty participate in a summer diversity seminar.

�I've had enough of that in my previous life in the Soviet Union, and I just will not have this again. I tried freedom now; I liked it, and I am not about to give it up,� Kleshchev said.
(h/t: Joanne Jacobs)