Monday, June 20, 2005

What happens when your wife and your doctor don't agree 

I try not to do too many posts about me and my life, but this was the result of something I wrote and decided to address it here. I mentioned in my last post Friday that I'm exercising and working on diet to control cholesterol. A kind reader who is a doctor commented about using a statin drug to help. I appreciate the kindness; the issue is salient since my family history has heart disease in it from the paternal side, and I'm rapidly closing in on one of those round number birthdays where these thoughts become a daily event. My own doctor actually prescribed Lipitor, another statin, but Mrs. Scholar vehemently disagreed with the prescription. She is the one running my diet and exercise routine, for which I'm relatively grateful, though sometimes I think she enjoys herself too much feeding me stuff that makes my face screw up funny.

I forwarded the comment to Mrs. S, who immediately snapped off this webpage which questions using statins. She reads Dr. Mercola constantly, and she and my doctor are pretty stubborn in their disagreement. So, for all readers, and ignoring the risks to marital harmony (those are for me to evaluate), what do you do? Take the pill and ignore my wife's own research? Or do you decline your doctor's (and my commenter's) advice? Perhaps germane to the conversation: I have had this doctor longer than I've known my wife, so he's as knowledgeable about my medical history as she is.

UPDATE (12:20) -- Mrs. S has weighed in. We were writing at the same time, apparently.