Friday, June 17, 2005

Support for school choice 

There is a new poll coming out from the Partnership for Choice in Education that suggests school choice has parental support. Here is the result for Senate District 15, in which I live here in St. Cloud:

Question: Do you favor legislation that would promote school choice and give parents with modest incomes more control over where their children attend school?

532 likely voters surveyed
52% favor
12% do not favor
17% undecided
17% refused
48% overall responded favorably, with about 16% opposing, of 10,000 voters interviewed. Likely voters were screened to include those who "indicated an awareness that bills are being considered to give children of low-income families greater access to schools including private and parochial schools, and that Governor Pawlenty has said that �meaningful school choice legislation� is a prerequisite for his signature on a new state budget bill." That was 55% of those called. Those screens make this not necessarily representative of the entire district, just those informed on the issue. This argues that the battle for school choice must still focus on marketing the idea.